Which Window Style is Best for Your Home?

Window Style

The best window style for your home can depend on several factors.

Energy efficient windows can make a big difference in your quality of life at home, shutting out chilly air drafts in the winter and reducing your utility bills. But if you have been looking at replacing your current windows, you might be confused by the sheer number of window styles available. At Schaefer Siding & Exteriors, we can help guide you through the choices and set you up with stylish Simonton windows that fit your home’s aesthetic. Which window style is best for your home? It may depend on several factors, both subjective as well as practical. Here are just a few of the window styles available.

Hung Windows

Hung windows are probably one of the most common window styles in use in American homes today. These are the type where one of the sashes slides up or down to open or close the window. There are two major varieties – in double hung windows, both the top and the bottom sashes can move. In single hung windows, only the bottom sash can move – the top sash is fixed in place.

Slider Windows

Another popular window style is the slider window. Where hung windows open bottom to top (or top to bottom in the case of the double hung style), slider windows open from side to side. These windows are highly recommended when the window is much wider than it is tall. There are also sub-varieties of the slider window available to add a fixed pane in the center or to allow both sashes to move.

Casement Windows

For homeowners looking for windows that ventilate their home well, a great window style to choose is the casement window. Casement windows open via a crank handle and swing out towards the outside to open. These windows are by far the best at ventilation and are also a good option in areas where it may be harder to open sliding and hung windows. The area behind the kitchen sink is a common place to install a casement window.

Awning Windows

Awning windows open with a crank like casement windows, but they swing up and out because they are hinged at the top as opposed to the side. This makes awning windows the only window style you can open during a rain shower!

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