Window Condensation: What Your Windows are Telling You

window condensation

Condensation is more than just a reminder that the seasons are changing, it’s a message from your windows and your entire house.

Despite the wild summer weather we’ve had every few days recently, winter is actually on the way. When it finally gets here for good and you crank up the heat, you might notice some condensation forming on your windows. While it’s totally natural for condensation to form, especially during early winter, if it hangs around all day or longer there could be a problem. Here are some of the most common places window condensation will linger and what it means.

Bottom and Corners

Congratulations! You have an air tight house, and not a bit of that wonderful warming air is escaping from around your windows. Unfortunately, you have a moisture issue, too. You can fix this easily by running an exhaust fan, like in the bathroom, or opening a window for about 15 minutes a day to let dry air in and moisture out. If left alone that moisture buildup can rot window sills over time or form mold.

Between Panes

If you notice condensation between the panes of glass in your windows the seals have failed. When the seals on window panes fail they let outside air into your home. The moisture in that air gets trapped between the panes, causing them to look foggy.

Double-Hung Can’t Hang

Having a hard time opening those wood windows to get the holiday decorations up? Too much moisture in your house can cause the wood to swell, making it difficult to open and close the window. Getting some of that humidity out of your home should help the windows shrink back down to size as they dry out.

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