Why Should You Choose Vinyl Windows?

Thinking about replacing your windows? There are a number of options available, including wood, aluminum, and vinyl. So why should you choose vinyl windows over aluminum or window? Simply put, vinyl offers a number of advantages over these other materials, which will ensure you get the most value for your dollar. Learn more about why you should choose vinyl windows if you’re replacing your windows, in this week’s blog.


Why should you choose vinyl windows?

Why Should You Choose Vinyl Windows?


Low Maintenance


One thing any homeowner will appreciate about vinyl windows is that they’re low maintenance, especially when compared to wood or aluminum. Wood windows may require repainting at some point, and if not properly cared for can suffer from moisture-related problems. Aluminum can pit or flake. Vinyl maintains its color and form very well, will never need to be repainted, and you’ll never have to worry about moisture-related problems. An occasional washing according to the manufacturer’s instructions will keep vinyl windows look good year after year.

Energy Efficiency


Vinyl itself is both an eco-friendly building material and a good insulator. When combined with new energy efficient window designs, makes for an efficient package that will help reduce energy needs in your home. New energy efficient windows use multiple panes of glass, with nontoxic gasses filling the space between the panes. The combination of the gasses and the multiple panes helps minimize heat transfer into your home, reducing your energy needs. Testing has shown that vinyl windows are among the least conductive of all window materials.

More Comfort


On a related note, the design of vinyl windows provides another benefit in addition to reducing your energy usage: more comfort! New vinyl windows prevent heat conductivity and drafts from reducing the level of comfort in your home, so you can stay comfortable all year long.



A window’s durability is especially important here in the Mid-Atlantic region, where we see the extremes of all four seasons. We recommend Simonton vinyl windows to many of our customers, which use premium vinyl that can stand up to all kinds of weather. Simonton’s windows are also known for their easy operation.

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