What Makes Simonton Windows Energy Efficient?


One of the main reasons homeowners are replacing their old windows is to get windows with greater energy efficiency. Schaefer Siding and Exteriors recommends Simonton windows to many of our customers, as they feature both great craftsmanship and superior energy efficiency. In this week’s blog, we’ll talk about the benefits of energy efficient windows, and how Simonton manufactures its windows with energy efficiency as a priority.


Simonton windows offer energy efficiency and high performance.

What Makes Simonton Windows Energy Efficient?


Premium Vinyl

Simonton uses premium vinyl to manufacture its windows. This vinyl is both a good insulator and a low conductor, which means that it helps to reduce temperature transfer into and out of your home.

Low-E Coatings

Low-E coatings are a thin, transparent metallic oxide coating applied to the surface of the glass. This coating lets short-wave energy pass through the glass but reflects long-wave infrared (heat) energy. This serves to reflect heat energy away from the home in the summer, and back into the home in the winter. In this way, the energy efficiency of the window is greatly improved.

In addition to ProSolar Low E glass, Simonton also offers ProSolar Shade. This Low-E coating also features a UV blocked to prevent harmful UV rays from entering the home. Not only does this protect you and your family, it also reduces fading on floors and furniture caused by UV rays.


Spacers are the components that separate the panes of glass in a dual or triple pane system. The spacers themselves “are made of highly thermally prohibitive materials and are placed between the glass panes to help seal the entire unit, create a space for inert gases and further reduce temperature transfer,” according to Simonton.


For even more insulation, Simonton offers windows with Argon gas sealed between the glass panes. Argon is denser than air, which means it gives the window added thermal insulation. Argon is non-toxic, and odorless.

Laminated and Triple-Panes

Dual-pane windows are the standard window, and offer the option for Low-E coatings, Argon gas, and low-conductance spacers.

Simonton windows also offers triple-pane and laminated systems. Triple-pane windows feature a third glass, which creates two separate airspaces in the window itself. This makes the an even stronger insulator. Laminated windows feature an impact-resistant laminate interlayer sealed between the two panes. This makes the window stronger, more energy efficient, and better at reducing the volume of exterior sounds.

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