Weather Stripping and Your Windows


Finding windows that can withstand the harsh weather conditions is easier than you think!

Weather stripping is one of the most important components of a functional window system. It is designed to stop external air from flowing into your home and your internal air from flowing out. The tight seal created by window stripping helps save you money on your energy costs both during hot summers as well as cold winters by reducing this air leakage. As part of your fall home maintenance tasks, you may find it beneficial to check the weather stripping around your windows and replace it as necessary. There are four types that are commonly used in windows today.

Tension Seal

The tension seal is sometimes called a “V strip” because it is folded into a V shape. This is a rigid strip that is used to bridge a gap in the windows, generally along the sides. This type of weather stripping can only be used on flat surfaces, however, and when it is made out of a metal material it needs to be nailed in place every four inches. Although it’s great at increasing the energy efficiency of your windows, one drawback is its tendency to increase the resistance felt when opening or closing the windows.

Weather Stripping Foam

Affordable and effective, weather stripping foam is attached to wood or metal strips to seal off air. Since it is sold in a variety of different sizes, it can be used to seal off any irregular-sized cracks in your windows. The foam itself may be difficult to work with since it needs to be sawed, nailed, and painted, so you may find it helpful to find a professional to install it for you.

Weather Stripping Felt

Felt is inexpensive and easy to install. It is generally sold in rolls and can be installed around a door or window. However, felt is generally a short-term solution only. It cannot be installed in a place where it will come in contact with water. Moreover, it can only reasonably be expected to last a year or two since it decays very quickly. If you need weather stripping to only last you through the season, however, felt may be a good option.


Rubber is a premium weather stripping agent, but its benefits make the higher cost worth it. It provides superior air sealing and has nice longevity. It can be a little difficult to install – generally they come in self-sticking strips which can be hard to work with. Contact a professional for assistance with this weather stripping.

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