Is it Worth the Upgrade to Energy-Efficient Windows?

Social distancing measures aren’t going away any time soon, which means we’re likely going to be spending a sizable portion of time in our homes throughout 2021. That means our HVAC systems will be working harder than usual to keep us comfortable regardless of the conditions outside. With that in mind, it’s the perfect time to upgrade to energy-efficient windows.

What are Energy Efficient Windows?

Energy-efficient windows specifically designed with energy efficiency in mind. Each part of the window plays a role in preventing heated or cooled air from escaping our homes. That starts with the triple-pane glass with air buffers between each pane. Of course, even if you have triple-paned glass, there are still plenty of opportunities for air to escape through old, wooden or aluminum frames. That’s why modern energy-efficient window frames are typically made of vinyl or fiberglass. These materials are both poor conductors of heat, making them perfect for insulation.

Money Savings

The most significant benefit you’ll notice when upgrading to energy-efficient windows is the cost savings. Old, drafty windows cause our HVAC systems to work harder, and all that extra work isn’t free! You can save as much as 12% on your annual utility bills and up to $580 annually by replacing your single-pane windows with ENERGY STAR-certified triple-pane windows. If the time comes where you’d like to sell your house, you are likely to make up about 70% of the money you initially put out for your window upgrade.

Choosing the Right Brand

There are a lot of excellent brands out there that have a selection of energy-efficient windows, but we’ve found that Simonton is the best choice for our clients. Each of their three most popular energy-efficient window series has been identified as ENERGY STAR 2021 Most Energy Efficient products, so you can be sure you’re getting a product that will create a noticeable difference in both the aesthetic and energy efficiency of your home.

Upgrade to Energy Efficient Windows with Schaefer Exteriors

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