Help! I Have Too Many Windows

Is there really such a problem as having “too many windows”?  For some homeowners, it may feel that way.  If you’re rethinking your entire home design, though, you should read this first!  As your local exterior experts, we’ve been installing, updating, and replacing windows for more than 35 years.  Today, we’ll share some of the practical pros and cons of this increasingly popular feature.

The Pros

To create the bright open spaces that are so in right now, many designers are trying to incorporate more windows.  They let in natural light that can make any dark space feel larger.  Plus, they bring a sense of that indoor/outdoor living into play.  When you have a really great view, showcase your efforts to their advantage!  A few oversized and well-placed windows will allow you enjoy your property from virtually anywhere.

In some cases, adding more windows is a matter of balance.  Maybe your walls seem a little blank and/or devoid of character.  By installing complementary openings that coordinate with and offset your existing architecture, you can add a lot of curb appeal! Statistically speaking, homebuyers look for upgrades like this.  Especially if you choose eco-friendly options that will cut down on energy costs in the future.

The Cons

Of course, when you’re really trying to improve your home’s energy efficiency, windows aren’t necessarily the best bet.  Even the most advanced options on the market can’t fight heat transfer the way solid walls will.  In colder climates, that means an entire wall of windows translates to higher heating bills. In warmer climates, it could have a similar effect on your air-conditioning costs.  So, you really have to keep your environment in mind during this debate.

You should consider the additional implications of windows.  If you live in a neighborhood with other houses nearby, then having a lot of windows (and minimal window treatments) can lead to privacy problems. When adding windows, be sure to budget for the accompanying treatments like blinds, shutters, curtains, etc.  It doesn’t hurt to factor in other maintenance matters while you’re at it.  You’ve got extra time spent cleaning them, inspecting them, and ultimately replacing them down the line.  Keep these in mind before you drastically increase the number of windows in your home.


Ultimately, there’s a balance for every house.  You can definitely add a few windows, but then use mirrors and other interior tricks to give the same impression at a lower cost.  While we can’t say whether or not you actually have too many windows, we can help you research and install updated options.  For personal advice based around your home (and needs), contact our experienced installers today!


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