Custom Window Shapes and Styles:  What You Should Know

Over the last few months, we’ve covered some of the basics to help you choose new windows for your home. We started with the type of glass and paneling, but now we get to move onto the fun stuff—the style!  Although most homes have standard rectangular windows, adding a custom option here and there can set your house apart from all the others on the block.  Not to mention flood your interior space with ever-popular natural light!  Before you browse our showroom, though, here are some custom solutions you should be familiar with when it comes to windows.


Bow or Bay Windows


You’ve probably heard of bay windows, but do you know how the bow option differs?  Both extend from your home’s exterior and create those quaint seating nooks.  Bay windows, though, are a little more modern and angular.  They work well on newer homes and can be made in virtually any size you’d like.  Bow windows, however, are much smoother, with custom curved windows that invoke a more classical style.  You’ll typically see these in Victorian-era homes, or something equally traditional. Keep in mind, they’re also more expensive (as a general rule) because of the way they’re created.  You may also lose the option of a bench with a bow window, depending on how large you make it.  So, you’ll see bay windows much more frequently in today’s designs.


Picture Windows


When you’ve got a great view, highlight it!  Picture windows are made from one single pane of glass, in any size you like, that allows for an unobstructed view of the outdoors.  Without any visible breaks, there’s little to distract you from your yard, but this also limits its functionality.  You can’t open it for ventilation or use it as an emergency exit.  Plus, it’s difficult to swap a picture window out for any other style, since it’s customized so thoroughly.  Still, it makes a huge impact on design, causing it to be a very popular choice among homeowners.


Hinged or Casement Windows


When you still want to let in the breeze, but in a more creative way, consider one of these options! Both are constructed with a hinge to allow the window to either slide outward or upward, depending on which option you choose.  With this construction, you need less framing, which provides better views. They’re also better insulators because they don’t have the little pieces and gaps that contribute to heat loss in a normal window.  So, imagine having a two-paneled window that you can swing open like shutters, or a smaller rectangular opening above that, which just pops open like an awning. Either one will increase your curb appeal, even as it saves you money every month on your utility bills.  So, this is one custom approach that can actually pay for itself!


Garden Windows


Want the look and feel of a bay window without the cost?  Why not try this option?  Essentially, these are just half-sized bay windows with shelves instead of benches. They were originally designed for greenhouses, so you could put plants within the base to enjoy the sunlight.  Try placing these above your sink, so you’ve got a great view while doing the dishes, or in a four-seasons room to add character.  They still protrude from the house, so you’re adding dimension, and the built-in shelves allow for extra storage!


Of course, this list goes on and on, but if you want more information about any of these options—or custom windows in general—come see our showcase!  We can help you choose the right style and then install as many or as few custom solutions as you’d like.  Whether you’re updating your windows by choice or necessity, don’t let this opportunity to punch up your curb appeal pass you by! At Schaefer Exteriors, we cover all your exterior home needs.



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