Control Energy Costs with Replacement Windows

This summer, don’t let your air conditioning costs get out of control.  If your utility bills keep creeping upward, consider controlling your energy costs with replacement windows.  You wouldn’t dream of overworking your HVAC system by leaving your windows and doors open.  Don’t allow air leaks caused by old or inefficient windows to have that same effect!  Before jumping right into replacement, though, let the experts at Schaefer Exteriors take a look at your home and recommend ways to improve your overall energy efficiency.

Seal the Air Leaks

Whether they’re caused by drafty windows or poorly-insulated attics, air leaks are a common culprit behind high energy costs.  Basically, anywhere there’s an unsealed crack, your cool air will escape. Letting in an equal amount of warm air from the outside to regulate your home’s air pressure.  So, your HVAC system has to work twice as hard!

Replacement windows can seal many of these problem areas, much better than caulk or weatherstripping, thanks to energy efficiency frames.  With older windows, many of the frames are made from wood or aluminum.  Wooden frames expand and contract with the weather, making it difficult to locate and seal air leaks completely.  While aluminum is naturally a poor insulator, meaning these types of windows often allow hot and cool air to pass through easily. Don’t forget to check your attic and crawl space for other potential cracks and/or gaps that could be interfering with your energy costs.

Block the Heat with Upgraded Glass

Another advantage that today’s replacement windows bring is their ability to actively block the heat. When you go shopping, you should see energy efficiency ratings automatically displayed on any windows you’re considering.  Between the U-factor (or U-value), the solar heat gain coefficient, and the low E indicator, you should get a picture of how proactive this glass is.  The U-factory measures how much heat the glass allows to escape, while the solar heat gain coefficient evaluates its ability to actually block heat from coming in.  If you see the Low-E label, that means the glass has an extra coating to stop UV rays from coming in. 

Together, these features allow you to control your energy costs by choosing options that are right for your home (and your climate).  Don’t forget, most replacement windows are also double paned, which only strengthens the value of these additional protections.  Before you get totally overwhelmed by all of your options, contact the professionals at Schaefer Exteriors!  Not only can we help you choose your new windows, but also we can expertly install them.  Making this upgrade as convenient and cost-effective as possible.  Contact us today more information on how to improve your home’s energy efficiency this summer!

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