5 Reasons for New Windows this Summer

Buckle up, ladies and gents. Maryland summer is here, and that means we’re in for 3-4 months of ridiculous heat and humidity. Throughout those months, your home will be an air-conditioned safe haven — if your home exterior is properly prepped for energy efficiency. While insulation is perhaps the biggest bonus when installing new windows this summer, they also come with a handful of other benefits. Such as….

Beat the Heat

Install new windows this summer to receive their numerous benefits.

Install new windows this summer to receive their numerous benefits.

Like we said in the introduction, this is probably the best summer-y reason to install new windows. A window deteriorates as it ages. This means lessened insulation in the panes and perhaps even some draftiness around the frame and seals. In turn, you’re looking at some form of heat leaking in while air conditioning leaks out. You pay good money for that cool air, so don’t let it literally fly out the window.

Summertime Savings

Speaking of money flying out the window, we come to the the second greatest benefit of new windows this summer. The harder your air conditioning unit has to work to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, the more energy it’s using, and thus the higher number you’ll see on your energy bill at the end of these summer months. Energy efficient windows have the potential to save you a nice chunk of change over the course of the entire year, actually, with similar logic applying in the winter.  

Federal Tax Credit

Another related plus is that new energy efficient windows can make homeowners eligible for federal tax credits as high as $500. That one is pretty self-explanatory.

Boost Home Value

Aside from the awesome savings you get from energy efficient windows, any type of new windows will give your home a fresh and attractive aesthetic. Fresh, white frames and shiny, clean panes will glow in the intense summer sun, which is fantastic if you’re planning on selling your home sometime soon.

A Sense of Security

Last but certainly not least, new windows are generally much more capable in the way of security than their ancestors. Whether it’s through thicker safety glass or through more advanced and secure locking mechanisms, you can rest easy knowing that your family is safe.


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