Strange Exterior Design Terms Everyone Should Know

When it’s time to describe what you’re looking for in your home exterior, it can be really hard to convey your ideas if you don’t know the correct terms.  “That thingy over there” and hand gestures can only accomplish so much! So, today, we’ll share some of the common design terms we use every day.  With this knowledge, you’ll be able to plan the perfect update—with a little help from our installers, of course!


As in Clark, but also as in the triangular shape that most of us associate with roofs.  Although roofs don’t necessarily have to look like this, it’s a popular sloping design that allows water and snow to drain away from the home.  With two sides that form a ridge, we can vary the slant depending on your particular needs. Plus, we can add a little more style, too!  Imagine a starburst underneath to accentuate this architectural feature.  Or some rustic wooden pieces to set off a craftsman style home.  We can even incorporate something much frillier and more delicate, if that suits your tastes. Just take a look in our gallery for inspiration!  Remember, we can always custom order gables, if you don’t see anything that’s exactly right.


Often overlooked, your soffit is actually the underside of your roof’s overhang.  Usually, you’re only able to see a few inches of this material, but it still needs to be properly finished to protect your home from wind, rain, and other environmental concerns.  Typically, we try to coordinate the soffit materials with your regular siding.  So, vinyl with vinyl, wood with wood, etc.  However, you can always use this particular design element to add a little contrast.  Choose a darker or lighter color to outline your exterior.  Pick a pop of color featured on the interior of your home to create a natural flow between spaces.  For larger overhangs, (usually found under balconies, arches, or eaves) we can even install patterned paneling to really make a statement!  Soffit provides a surprising amount of design options—let us show you some.


Also a medical term, your home’s fascia is the line that connects your roof and your soffit.  It’s generally a single piece of siding used to emphasize your roofline, in contrasting or coordinating colors. However, it serves a very important architectural purpose, too.  Your gutters will be attached to your fascia, so it must be very sturdy and water-resistant. We try to recommend durable materials in general, but when it comes to such a visible part of your home’s exterior, we’re especially careful.  Wooden, aluminum, and vinyl varieties are all popular today.  Thanks to the assortment of finishes at our fingertips, we can definitely find something to suit the overall color palette and style of your home.


Although we work with home exteriors all day, every day, we understand that not everyone does!  But, it’s important to us that our clients understand what these terms represent and how they all work together.  We’re more than happy to make suggestions and create designs for you.  However, we prefer that you have a part in this process!  That’s just one of the many benefits of working with Schaefer Siding & Exteriors.

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