Light Up Your Home Exterior This Holiday Season

The holidays are the perfect time to shine a light on your home exterior. You’ve worked hard all year to make your house beautiful, and now is the time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the fruit of your labor. That is, of course, once the seasonal decorations are in place. But before you can deck the halls with wreaths and reindeer, there’s the important decision of holiday lighting. Here are some tips to help you determine which lights are best for your home.

Icicle Lights

If you prefer a traditional approach to decorating, icicle lights are for you. These lights compliment any exterior surface when strung along awnings, windows, overhangs, or even an entire roofline. Horizontal hanging allows the lights to fall naturally, creating an elegant and timeless display that elevates any home’s appearance. Cool whites and warm yellows are among the most popular colors, but reds, blues, greens, and multi-colored varieties also are available. And application couldn’t be easier. Light clips allow you to quickly and easily snap lights into place along shingles, shutters, gutters, and even vinyl siding panels.

String Lights

Wherever you go in November and December, it’s difficult not to spot string lights. Every bit as traditional as icicle lights, string lights are more versatile than their Christmas cousins. These lights are well equipped for vertical hanging, making them the perfect pick for perpendicular placement along walls and doors. Sizing options abound, from larger C9 bulbs to smaller C7s to smaller yet mini lights. Some simply illuminate, while other twinkle and chase, but they’ll all make your home look fabulous. Light clips allow for fastening to most surfaces, but if you want to string lights across a stone veneer archway or another flat, tough surface like brick or concrete, hot glue will be needed. Never use hot glue on painted or plastic surfaces, however.

Spotlights and Projectors

If ladder work and hot glue are not to your liking, there are still ways to light up for the holidays. Spotlights can bathe your home’s facades in seasonal reds and greens, while laser light projectors add animation and movement to the mix. A modern twist on twinkle lights, these devices bring to life snowflakes, snowmen, bells, stars, and holiday messages as these designs and many others dance across all types of home exterior surfaces. They work exceptionally well on vinyl siding, and they can even illuminate trees and shrubs. Even better, you won’t need to climb a ladder for this light display. Simply stake the unit into the ground, but don’t forget to have plenty of outdoor extension cords on hand.

We know home exteriors, and we’re confident yours will look fantastic this holiday season. But if there’s any work you need to get your roof, windows, siding, or other exterior surfaces ready for the spotlight, give Schaefer Exteriors a call. And from all of us to you and yours, have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

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