Our Favorite Home Exterior Trends Right Now

If you want to know what the experts like, now’s your chance to find out!  After working in the home exterior industry for more than 40 years, we’ve seen trends come and go.  Which is why we’re so happy to see so many of our favorite styles back on top this year!  Although we don’t have time to highlight all of them, here are a few we’d love to help you incorporate:

Mixing It Up

You’ve probably heard of mixed metals, but what about mixed materials on a grand scale?  When it comes to home exterior trends in 2019, it’s all about variety.  With the right balance, you can have practical siding, metal accents, and tasteful stone veneer all in one property.  Don’t forget about oversized windows that follow your architectural lines and meld the materials effortlessly.  Try to stick to similar tones to prevent this look from becoming too busy and/or overwhelming.  If you’re not sure how to bring this vision to life, just ask the professionals at Schaefer Exteriors for a little design assistance.

More Indoor/Outdoor Living

This is one trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere—and we couldn’t be happier!  Give yourself more room to work, play, and entertain by blurring the lines between your home’s interior and exterior.  How do you do that without compromising on quality?  It’s all about wide openings (like French doors) and strategic hardscaping.  Whether you’re leading out to a deck, patio, porch, or pool, it’s important to echo design elements that you have inside to your home’s exterior.  Forget about austere practicality!  Thanks to modern innovation, you can have durable pieces that still scream style and comfort outdoors. 

Focusing on the Front Porch

Speaking of porches, the front porch is making a comeback in a big way.  Tying into other trends, like indoor/outdoor living, and southern style, your front porch deserves all the attention it gets.  Just make sure it’s attracting notice in a positive way!  You can’t really go wrong with classic touches, like wraparound railing and cozy seating arrangements.  Still, it’s important to add your own modern spin on this timeless feature.  Have you tried incorporating metalwork with your columns and other accent pieces?  What about contrasting a bright white exterior with fun pops of color in your décor?  Honestly, it doesn’t take much to make your front porch shine when all of the architectural elements are there.

If you need help reworking these trends (or others) to suit your home, contact the professionals at Schaefer Exteriors!  We partner with some of the best names in the business, including CertainTeed and JamesHardie to produce quality finishes that’ll outlast the other trends.  Allow us to redesign your home’s exterior, including its siding, roofing, windows, and more, to add a ton of curb appeal with your own personal style.

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