3 Outdoor Renovation Tools from CertainTeed


CertainTeed outdoor renovation tool

Imagining what your home will look like with a new color scheme is much easier with these tools from CertainTeed.

Planning an outdoor renovation can be a daunting task. Your home’s exterior is the first thing people see, and can make a strong impression on potential buyers. To make things worse, simply picturing how your house will look after your renovation is finished can leave a lot of details out. Luckily, there are a few resources out there that make the most of our technology-centered world to take the guesswork out of your home renovation. Here are three tools from building products supplier CertainTeed.



This digital idea book helps you get inspired by giving you pictures, video, and interactive tools to plan out your outdoor renovation. You can browse a large variety of exterior renovation pieces, from trim to roofing materials, all with a variety of colors. Available for Mac or iOS devices through iTunes.


Trying to envision just how your house would look with a different color scheme can be an exercise in mediation. Clear your mind and focus. Ohhmmm. Thankfully, ColorView lets you see your future home without having to reach a heightened level of perception. Just pick a house from the tool’s selection that looks closest to yours and pick the colors you like. You can even upload a photo of your own house to use!


Some people just aren’t that good at putting colors together. This tool helps those of us without the gift of creating a pleasing color palette by using color theory concepts to help make a palette based on your color selection. This is a great way to find accent colors that would look good with your existing colors, or for a complete color overhaul of your home.

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