Why You Should Invest in CertainTeed Insulated Vinyl Siding

As winter approaches, many homeowners are beginning to think about their home’s energy efficiency. Nearly half of the average utility bill is spent on heating and cooling so investing in energy-saving technology and features can save you significant amounts of money in the long run. One great way to reduce energy loss is by installing CertainTeed insulated vinyl siding. Learn more about the benefits of CertainTeed insulated vinyl siding in today’s blog.


Keep your home warmer and your energy bills lower with Certainteed insulated vinyl siding!

Why You Should Invest in CertainTeed Insulated Vinyl Siding

CertainTeed insulated vinyl siding is the same as standard vinyl siding except that it is backed by a layer of rigid foam which is either laminated or attached permanently to the siding panel. Many homeowners do not understand the benefits of insulated siding as they already have insulation inside of their walls which they consider sufficient. However, many people do not realize that even with inner-wall insulation there are still many avenues for air to escape. Your wall studs as well as the framework that attaches to your exterior walls are entirely uninsulated. The materials that the framework is made from is not an effective natural insulator which leads to what is called “thermal bridges.” This refers to the process by which heat escapes through studs and exterior materials. While thermal bridging may seem insignificant, wall studs make up about ¼ of your wall so the effect is akin to having one side of your house entirely uninsulated.

By installing CertainTeed insulated siding, thermal bridging is reduced as it provides insulation over all parts of your exterior walls. This can significantly lower your overall energy bills, especially at the height of the seasons when you are running your AC or heater at full blast. You can also expect to reduce your carbon dioxide output by approximately 448 pounds, meaning investing in insulated vinyl siding is good for both you and the environment. There are also tax breaks available to homeowners who invest in energy efficient upgrades.

To learn more about insulated siding, contact Schaefer Siding and Exteriors today. Schaefer Siding and Exteriors has been installing and repairing siding in Maryland since 1977. We’re both VSI certified and a CertainTeed 5-Star rated Contractor. To learn more, contact us today at 410-781-4028 or email us. You can also visit our websitefor more information.

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