Why You Should Consider House Wrap When Replacing Exterior Siding

Are you thinking about replacing your home’s exterior siding? Siding is just one of the many components of a complete exterior system. Another important piece of your home’s exterior is house wrap.

House wrap is a polymer-based barrier that is installed over the exterior wall but underneath the siding. House wrap serves a number of purposes, the most important being its use as a moisture barrier. Like a skin for your home, house wrap allows water to enter but then leave through weep holes. Learn more below.


Why does this house need to be wrapped?

What Does House Wrap Do?


Prevents Water Penetration


If water penetrates behind the siding, it could potentially cause a number of problems such as mold, mildew, and water damage. House wrap serves as a deterrent against water penetration, which helps keep your walls dry.

Allows Water Vapor to Dissipate


Water vapor builds up in your home over the course of the day. It’s important to allow this vapor to escape from your home in order to make it more comfortable and prevent problems associated with moisture buildup. One of the features of house wrap is vapor permeability, often abbreviated as perm. A house wrap with a good perm rating allows this water vapor to escape. A perm rating of between 10-20 is ideal.

Air Resistance


House wrap also helps prevent air penetration. Air penetration can reduce the energy efficiency of your home and potentially increase your heating and cooling bills.

Why Should You Install House Wrap?




House wrap makes the interior of your home more comfortable by allowing water vapor to escape and preventing the infiltration of moisture and unconditioned air.

Better Indoor Air Quality


Because house wrap prevents the influx of moisture and outside air, it reduces the risk of mold growth and the penetration of contaminants such as pollen, both of which can reduce indoor air quality.

Potential for Tax Breaks


Because house wrap can improve your home’s energy efficiency, it could help you qualify for a tax credit under the Energy Star Qualified New Home program.

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