When is it Time for New Siding?

Did you know siding is one of the most important elements when someone takes a first glance at your home? The benefits of replacing your home’s siding includes improving the appearance, increasing energy efficiency, ensuring structural integrity, and increasing resale value. It’s very important to know the signs as to when it’s time to get them replaced and replenished. 

The Appearance

There are key factors to look for when it comes to figuring out if you need to replace your siding.  A clear factor that your siding is starting to fail is if the paint is frequently fading or just isn’t lasting very long.  If this is the case, it means the weatherproofing on your siding is diminishing.  Additionally, if you see any paint or wallpaper that is peeling inside your home, it could mean that your siding is damaged and indicate that moisture is getting in.

Energy Bills Rising

If you are seeing an increase in your energy bills, it could indicate that your siding is damaged.  Siding is an important aspect with insulation in your home, so if you are seeing a pattern with your energy bills, it might be time to consider replacing your siding.  The sooner you replace your siding to improve your insulation, the better your energy efficiency will be.  When we replace the sidings, it will help your home stay warm during the Winter and keep the heat out during the warmer months.    

Structural Integrity

Some indicators that your siding needs to be restored may be cracks, rotting, blistering, or mold on the siding.  All of these signs are saying that now is the time to replenish your siding because the purpose of having siding is to protect your home.  The primary role of siding is to ensure your home is protected from the weather, such as rain.  If moisture gets inside of your home, so can other pests that can cause more problems. 

Resale Value

Replacing your siding will make it more appealing to potential buyers as well as reducing the work for them.  It will help improve the resale value of your home and ensure your buyers that your property is structurally in shape.