What’s Insulated Vinyl Siding?

Do you find yourself wishing you had better insultation during these cold winter months?  Well, then now’s a good time to ask about insulated vinyl siding.  Few people are aware of this option or understand how it works, but we can answer all your questions!  At Schaefer Siding & Exteriors, it’s just one of the many services we provide.

How is it Insulated?

Basically, it starts out in manufacturing as regular vinyl siding.  Then, an extra layer of rigid-foam insulation is attached to the back for protection.  The exterior is typically made from a durable PVC, so it can match any color or texture you like.  But the insulated part is actually an expanded polystyrene (EPS), which is then form-fitted to each piece.  Thickness will vary depending on the option you choose, but it can go up to 1 ¼ inch! (Keep in mind, you may have to sacrifice some of the siding’s weight to achieve this.)  But overall, the insulation creates a flat finish, so it sits flush against your home’s exterior, unlike regular vinyl siding.

Does it Really Lower Energy Costs?

It definitely adds R-value to any home, which is how we measure heat loss.  The higher the R-value, the better your energy efficiency—making it an easy decision for effectiveness.  There’s also the concept of thermal bridging to consider.  With the complex design of today’s homes, it’s harder to insulate absolutely everything.  So, there’s a certain amount of heat loss that occurs through these uncovered elements. By adding an extra layer of insulation around the entire structure, though, you’re reducing the effect of this thermal bridging.  While you may not see a huge difference in your utility bills upfront, keep in mind those consistent savings, month after month, will be well worth the investment.

Are There Other Benefits?

As a matter of fact, yes. Insulated vinyl siding is also firmer and more durable than its un-insulated counterpart.  Without the insulation, it’s sometimes called “hollow vinyl” thanks to the space between the siding and the home’s interior.  With this option, we eliminate that problem, leading to less warping and waves over time.  Have you ever seen siding bend or mold under excess heat or moisture?  Well, that risk is greatly reduced when you add insultation to the equation.


If you’re looking for both style and substance, consider insulated vinyl siding!  Although it’s a bigger investment upfront, you’ll easily see a return thanks to improved energy efficiency and durability.  Plus, it comes in a wide variety of colors and finishes, so you can get the home exterior you’ve always imagined.  We’re happy to help homes throughout Maryland, Pennsylvania, Northern Virginia, Delaware, and Eastern Western Virginia.  Just contact us today for pricing!

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