What is Lap Siding?

lap siding

Do you know why this is considered a type of “lap siding”?

“Lap” is a term that comes up over and over when talking about siding. Horizontal lap, Dutch lap, and clapboard are all common siding terms, but what do they actually mean and is there any serious difference between the terms? Here we go over the difference between these terms, what they mean to you as a homeowner, and where the term “lap” came from.

What’s In a Name?

To put it simply, lap siding got it’s name because the planks overlap. This gives the siding a very signature style and easily recognizable look. Even though there are different types of lap siding, each has this overlapping feature as a key element. When considering new siding for your home, know that anything with “lap” in the name will have this distinctive overlapping look.   

Different Types of Lap Siding

As it turns out, Dutch lap, horizontal lap, and clapboard siding all work off the overlapping principle of where they got their name. The main differences are in the size and shape of materials used. The defining features of this type of siding is the use of planks that are slightly thicker on the bottom than the top, and the way each plank overlaps the one beneath it, forming a watertight seal for your home. Since the siding is installed horizontally, it’s started from the bottom up in order create the seal and signature look of lap siding.

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