What are the Benefits of Foam Backed Vinyl Siding?


Foam backed vinyl siding has gained popularity in recent years as an alternative to traditional vinyl siding. The two siding materials are essentially the same except for the addition of a foam backing, which gives the siding insulating properties that may reduce energy loss from your home, and potentially reduce your energy bills as well. If you’re considering siding replacement, consider an upgrade with foam backed vinyl siding.


What are the benefits of foam-backed vinyl siding?


Foam Backed Vinyl Siding


Regular vinyl siding has a small gap between the siding itself and the wall system. Foam backed vinyl siding fills this gap with a foam backing that serves as an insulator. This serves to reduce heat loss from your home as a result of a phenomenon known as thermal bridging.

What is Thermal Bridging?


There is an exterior framework that attaches directly to the interior portion of your exterior walls. Because it attaches directly to the wall, there is no insulation in this location. The framework’s materials (such as wall studs) are poor insulators. This means that they let heat travel through them and through the exterior wall. The heat then escapes to the outside, because this part of the wall is not insulated. This phenomenon is known as thermal bridging.

Wall studs make up a lot of your exterior wall. In fact, up to ¼ of an exterior wall is made up of wall studs. This means that altogether, it’s essentially as if a full exterior wall of your home is not insulated.

How Does Foam Backed Vinyl Siding Prevent Thermal Bridging?


The foam backing has an R-value of between 2 and 5. This creates an insulated space over the exterior framework that prevents it from conducting heat away from the home through the exterior wall.

Why Should I Install Foam Backed Siding?


In addition to its ability to reduce thermal bridging and thereby reduce energy loss from your home, there are a few other great reasons to install foam backed siding.



The ridigity of the foam backing makes foam-backed siding very durable. It also lays better on the wall and looks better as a result.

Impact Resistance


The foam backing also improves the siding’s impact resistance against things like hail and golf balls. CraneBoard foam backed siding is warrantied for the life of your home.

Sound Reduction


Another benefit of foam backed siding? Sound reduction. The more density an object has, the better it is at reflecting sound waves. The added density of the foam backing helps it reduce the amount of outdoor sound that makes it inside.

You Could Qualify for a Tax Credit in Maryland


If you install foam backed siding on your home in Maryland, you could qualify for tax breaks under the Energy Star Qualified Homes Program.


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