Why Vinyl Siding is the Green Choice for Your Home

Green Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is the green choice for your home – learn why below!

We recently celebrated Earth Day and Arbor Day over the past two weeks, but the conversation about how to change our behaviors to help conserve the environment has been going on for some time. Going green can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. Vinyl siding, the most popular type of siding in the United States, also doubles as a great way to go green in your home construction. Read on for more information about why vinyl siding is the green choice for your home.

Green Production Process

The process of making vinyl siding starts with two abundant materials found in nature. 57% of the material is chlorine extracted from common salt, while 43% is ethylene from natural gas. The siding is produced with durability and sustainability in mind. Continual improvements are made in areas such as color retention, impact resistance, and other performance metrics in order to improve the life of the vinyl siding. This means less siding ending up in our landfills!

Saving Energy

Vinyl siding uses much less energy than other cladding materials when it comes to the manufacturing process. It uses less water and energy to manufacture than fiber cement, and its light weight means less fuel is consumed during the transportation process. All of this leads to the conclusion that the manufacture of vinyl siding contributes significantly less to climate change than the manufacture of other forms of cladding, like brick, stucco, and insulated siding.

Green Maintenance

Once vinyl siding has been installed on your home, it provides a long service life without the need for complicated maintenance. It doesn’t require painting, sealing, or staining either at installation nor later on in its service life, and simply requires periodic cleaning to keep it looking good. This helps prevent the release of harmful toxins and other substances into the environment, making vinyl siding the safe choice for the environment and for homeowners and installation contractors.

Part of Green Standards and Certifications

Green building certification programs recognize the importance of vinyl siding in the conservation of our environment and award points for its installation. In fact, vinyl siding earns more points than many other cladding options! It also supports certification for leading programs such as LEED for Homes and LEED for New Construction Rating Systems.

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