The Value of Vinyl Siding

Apart from being one of the most affordable options on the market, vinyl siding brings value in other ways!  Your home exterior can take a beating after months or years of exposure to Mid-Atlantic weather.  Don’t settle for a ragged appearance or a weakened barrier to the outside world.  Talk to the experts at Schaefer Exteriors about how we can help you upgrade your home with the help of vinyl siding!  With this option, you can benefit from:

Durability to Protect Your Home


It’s hard to place a value on protection.  Particularly when it comes to the structural integrity of your home.  But that’s exactly what vinyl siding provides!  Most siding works to repel pests, water, and wind when it’s brand new, but what happens over time?  Thanks to the durability of vinyl and the many layers used to construct this material, you won’t have to worry about vulnerabilities—even years later.

The exterior layer often comes with UV protection to bounce heat off of your home and prevent the color palette from fading.  Underneath that, you’ll find a vinyl core that is completely immune to water damage.  As long as the vinyl siding is installed correctly, you shouldn’t need to caulk or reseal at any point in the future!  Even in the face of extreme weather conditions, like a hurricane, homes wrapped with this type of siding have sustained less damage than their neighbors.  Especially when we use an insulated vinyl siding that has an additional layer to help with the impact of wind, hail, and other debris.  Few other exteriors can offer the same level of durability. 

A Beautiful, Low-Maintenance Look

If you really want to boost your curb appeal, vinyl siding can help with that, too!  Say goodbye to cracks, dents, and faded colors.  After we finish installing your new siding, friends, neighbors, and potential homebuyers will all appreciate the transformation.  Whatever look you want, we can achieve with the innovative options available today.  You now have a wide variety of colors and finishes to choose from—all within the vinyl siding family.  But, unlike traditional exterior paint, you won’t have to worry about your color palette fading or peeling over time.

Not to mention, who wants to spend their free time scrubbing siding?  Vinyl siding has become one of the most popular products in the United States, thanks to its affordability and reputation for low maintenance.  Even as time goes on you won’t need to re-paint or caulk or spend a lot of time cleaning your home exterior.  If you notice a little dirt or grime, simply wash with a garden hose and a mild combination of soap and water. 

Easy Energy Efficiency

We’ve already talked a little bit about the layers within vinyl siding, as well as its UV protection.  But apart from durability, these benefits also bring better energy efficiency.  Since the UV shield helps to reduce heat gain from the sun’s rays, your home should stay cooler in the summer.  Reducing your need for air conditioning (and the associated expenses).  An airtight seal that comes with a professional installation from Schaefer Exteriors will also reduce your energy usage.

To maximize your efficiency, consider insulated vinyl siding.  It incorporates contoured insulation that reduces energy loss, while keeping you more comfortable year-round!  If you’d like to learn more about your insulated options, please contact us today.  By improving your energy efficiency, your utility savings will more than make up for the investment in vinyl siding.  

With new siding, you can easily add value to your property!  Especially when you choose vinyl siding for your home exterior.  Enjoy low-maintenance, improved curb appeal, and better energy efficiency for years to come.  Just trust your local siding and installation experts—Schaefer Exteriors—to complete the job right!

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