Trims to Pair With James Hardie Siding

At Schaefer Exteriors, we love James Hardie siding for its durability, strength, and versatility when it comes to styles. But updating your home’s exterior is about more than just the siding. What types of trim should you consider pairing with your new James Hardie siding? Here are some suggestions.


Why not stick with the best? HardieTrim boards allow homeowners to accentuate each feature on their home’s exterior with a sleek and durable look that matches James Hardie’s quality siding. Choose a rustic or smooth texture to mix and match looks and find what coordinates best with your chosen siding style.

Fiber Cement

Fiber cement trim, the same material HardieTrim is crafted from, requires minimal upkeep and is resistant to the elements– including fire. It’s also incredibly versatile and can be manufactured to resemble wood, shingles, and sometimes even stone. This trim is also painted or stained, allowing you to choose from a variety of colors.

Real or Engineered Wood

While natural wood provides a beautiful rustic appeal, engineered wood trim is often much cheaper and more durable. Real wood also poses a risk of termite and water damage and is harder to keep clean. Luckily, faux wood trim can be manufactured to resemble different types of natural wood, allowing homeowners to keep that rustic aesthetic while also enjoying a more durable material.


Vinyl trim is valued for its clean, sleek appearance and lack of paint, which means you won’t have to get the coloring touched up every few years. Vinyl also doesn’t absorb water, which was a big factor in its rise to popularity over wooden siding. Some types of vinyl trim are also known to withstand difficult climates for longer than others, so make sure to consider it if you live close to the shore or anywhere with high humidity.

Coated or Corrosion-Resistant Aluminum

This option allows homeowners to preserve the sleek, metallic aesthetic of aluminum trim while also gaining more durability. Coated aluminum is covered in a clear mixture that helps protect it from the elements, keeping your mind clear of worry over corrosion or extensive weathering. If you like the look of aluminum but want less maintenance, coated or corrosion-resistant aluminum is for you.

Need New Siding or Trim?

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