Tips for Conserving Heat This Winter

When the wind blows and temperatures plummet, staying cozy at home becomes an extremely appealing prospect. As tempting as it is to bring your house to a tropic temperature, blasting the heat can get expensive, using much more energy than strictly necessary. Here’s a few ways to keep warm this winter without driving up your energy costs.


Quality Siding and Vinyl Windows


First things first– your house won’t warm or cool properly if heat can escape from poorly structured windows or walls. As time goes on, home exteriors inevitably become weathered. Insulated siding and house wrap can help reduce energy bills by preserving the heat your HVAC system provides. Notice drafts when standing beside your windows, even when they’re locked up tight? It’s probably time for a replacement. Vinyl replacement windows are equipped to keep the warmth inside and the cold out, minimizing your energy bills and the environmental impact. Don’t forget your doors, either– make sure the sealing and frames on your home’s entrances are secure.


Thick Curtains


If you’re not quite ready for window replacements, thick curtains can help make up for any weak spots. Modern velvet drapes are one of the heaviest options, but more budget-friendly materials include cotton and synthetic fibers. Consider switching out lighter curtains in favor of thicker drapes for the cold months.


Curtains aren’t just for windows– if your family spends most of their time in a certain area of the house, conserve heat by hanging curtains in your open doorways surrounding the space. Enjoy relaxing in front of the fireplace every evening? Trap the heat in your living room by installing temporary rods and curtains across the entrance.


Take Advantage of Sunlight


Windows are the common theme when heating a home! Keep the curtains open on the side of your house facing the sun. Allow as much natural light to enter as possible, both for the sake of reducing your electricity bill and allowing the sun’s rays to provide a little extra warmth. There’s a reason why your cat or dog always curls up in the sunshine coming through the back window. Every little bit helps, and it might surprise you how much of a difference a little sun can make.


Beyond these tips and tricks, the most important steps you can take to conserve heat are the most obvious– keep your windows and doors closed against the cold and don’t forget the warm blankets! If your home needs some touch-ups to battle the chill, we’re here to help. Give us a call at 410-781-4028 (Local) or 888-781-4028 (Toll-Free) to get started!