Sustainability and Siding:  Going Green at Home

Going green is at the top of everyone’s list these days, and as a homeowner, you’re in a good position to do your part.  When updating your siding, there are many things you can do to improve your energy efficiency and limit your impact on the environment—provided you know what to look for.  Here are some tips from the experts to navigate the current siding market and make the right choice for you.


What is Sustainability?


Ultimately, this is a combination of factors that determine how long a material will last and how many resources it will consume during its lifetime.  So, sidings that have a long life expectancy are typically more sustainable. However, you also want to consider if the material is recyclable—and if not, how it can be disposed of properly, along with what negative effects it can potentially have on the environment in the long run. Obviously, siding that is biodegradable is more desirable, but, ultimately, it’s not just about its life as your home’s exterior.

Low-maintenance materials are more sustainable too, and better for the environment.  Options that require a lot of upkeep, or chemical treatments over the course of their lifetime burn more resources. Additionally, those that provide better insulation and sealing can improve your home’s energy efficiency, which further contributes to the overall idea of sustainability.


How do I choose sustainable siding?


Well, first you need to know your options.  At Schaefer Exteriors, we carry a wide variety of options, including vinyl siding, insulated vinyl siding, fiber cement siding, cedar, stone veneer, and more. Our staff is knowledgeable about how each material is made, the upkeep they would need, their energy efficiency, and, of course, the installation costs.  They also advise on additional insulating options that can be incorporated while you’re redoing your siding, which can add sustainability.

Although your budget is an important consideration for such a large project, installation fees are only a part of your overall costs.  By spending a little more upfront, you can save on utility bills for years to come, while also lowering your maintenance, and increasing the value of your home. As the green movement continues to grow, the ability to market your house’s sustainability will help should you ever decide to resell it.


Ultimately, we recommend that you call our team of experienced professionals today.  They can provide a customer service experience that fully considers your unique property, along with your primary concerns as a homeowner.  Our company has won many awards over their years from various institutions—including the Environmental Protection Agency—and we’re committed to helping you achieve your goal of greater sustainability.  Let’s get started!

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