Simple Ways to Freshen Up Your Home’s Exterior

Is your home’s exterior in need of a refresh? Updating your home’s look can seem like a daunting task, and a full remodeling is certainly no small feat. But there are small changes and projects you can take on to modernize or simply bring new life to a worn out exterior. Updating your home’s exterior is a good way to help maintain home value, and is also a good way to make your outdoor living experience more enjoyable.

Getting Your Exterior Organized and Clean

All too often while the interior of your home may be a well-organized and de-cluttered, the exterior space suffers for it. Whether your home exterior needs updates or not, a good firm cleaning and de-cluttering is always in style and fresh! If you’ve been letting your outdoor items pile up, it’s never a better time to give it a thorough inspection. Donating unused items, organizing your yard instruments, and stowing them in their proper place is a good start. Jumping into categorizing which items are in good enough shape to save and which need replacing is a good follow-up! Some of your patio furniture worn out? You could toss the old and bring in the new, or give your chairs and tables a fresh coat of paint or just another in-depth scrubbing if they’re savable and in step with the rest of your exterior’s aesthetic. Some furniture could withstand a good power washing too along with the patio itself, given the right materials!

A Splash of Color

Some design trends of the past are old hat and can make even the nicest home look over-used and worn out. If you’ve gone through your outdoor space and find it clean and organized, it can often still use a freshen up in the area of color. Current design trends are often simple, and minimal. White is the current most popular exterior color for homes, and luckily can go with any color! Contrast is easily achieved, and even some subtle colors can create just enough contrast to make your home pop! And as long as your space is clean as previously discussed, it can be a cinch! Adding a constrasting color to your front door against your home is a quick way to completely change the look of your home. And don’t neglect your garage door’s appearance, as a well contrasted garage door is a very effective tool in updating your home’s exterior. And doing so can be done in a weekend!

Both of these tips can be achieved fairly simply, and will not disappoint when done. Not sure what colors to go with? Don’t know how your home’s design can be utilized to adapt to a more modern appearance? The exterior design company BrickandBatten is a great resources to get you started, and here at Schaefer Exteriors we have a post about trends in Siding styles. And Schaefer Exteriors can be there to help you with the heavy lifting and major updates to your home!