Siding with Service: Not All Installations are Equal

Adding new siding to your home is a great way to improve its overall value and durability.  Before you move forward with this project, though, be sure to choose a reputable company to help you with your installation.  Look for a local business known for its quality service and high standards.  These assets are especially important when it comes to home exteriors because we’ve seen what damage poor installations can do.  Take some free advice from the experts at Schaefer Exteriors and look out for:


While certain types of siding—like vinyl—are more prone to warping, a good installation should help to mitigate this problem.  Unfortunately, after exposure to extreme heat and/or sunlight, vinyl siding can melt slightly.  This warping may grow worse as the weather fluctuates, causing the material to contract in the cold.  After working with vinyl siding for so many years, we understand that it needs to move! Which is why our installers hang this type of siding so it has room to shift—without allowing moisture, wind, or pests into your home.  Although we may use nails, as well, we always try to preserve some space.  Rather than nailing the boards tightly to your home. We know this can lead to warping and buckling in a relatively short amount of time.  Causing you to make costly repairs and/or replacements even as the protection your home exterior is supposed to provide becomes compromised.


Poor quality siding and poor installations can allow mold to develop and thrive!  Ultimately, the spores thrive on moisture that leaks in when there are gaps or holes in your home’s exterior.  You may not even be able to see it if the infestation occurs in between the siding and structure of your home.  Since this serious problem can cause respiratory complications—particularly for people with asthma, allergies, and other chronic conditions—it’s not something you want to take chances with.  Be sure to invest in quality materials with the help of experienced installers who can keep your home airtight and mold-resistant.


Can you feel the wind whip through your home on gusty days?  This is a tell-tale sign of poor installations.  We’ve talked about allowing for space to prevent warping and/or buckling.  But when you have a little too much room in between boards, your home can become drafty and uncomfortable.  Before installing new siding, experienced professional should evaluate your current insulation.  It’s the perfect time to add extra protection, like a house wrap, to better insulate your home!  Not to mention, a quality installation should help to increase your home’s energy efficiency and save you money in the long run.

Choose a home exterior company with a reputation for service and see what a difference it makes.  When you work with Schaefer Exteriors, you’re getting the benefit of more than 75 combined years of experience!  Plus, expert knowledge of the unique conditions in the Mid-Atlantic, including Maryland, Pennsylvania, Northern Virginia, Delaware, and Eastern West Virginia.  To learn more about what sets our installations apart from others in the industry, please contact us today!

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