How Does Your Siding Affect Your Home’s Energy Efficiency?

Energy Efficiency

How can your choice of siding affect your home’s energy efficiency rating?

There are many factors of your home design that can affect how much energy it uses every season. As many homeowners are aware, heating and cooling account for a large percentage of home energy usage. Making homes more energy efficient is more popular than ever as homeowners wish to save money on their utility bills every month and do their part to conserve natural resources. Siding plays a big role in determining your home’s energy efficiency rating. Here’s how.

Vinyl Siding Insulates Your Home

While all of the various materials used to side a home will insulate it, vinyl siding, in particular, is one of the best ways to increase your home’s energy efficiency. Vinyl siding increases the R-value, otherwise known as the thermal efficiency, of the exterior of the home. With more heat reflected off of the surface of the exterior, your HVAC won’t have to work as hard to keep your home comfortable, reducing your energy costs all year long.

Easy Upkeep

Siding can only keep your home at peak energy efficiency when it is maintained properly. Damage to the siding not only looks bad, it can have a serious effect on your utility bills. Luckily, vinyl siding is hardy and easy to maintain. It doesn’t crack or rot under the pressure of rough weather conditions. Termites and other bugs will keep away from this material. Mold and mildew problems are the only concerns when it comes to vinyl siding, but these are only the results of poor installation techniques and this shouldn’t be an issue if you work with a professional team.

Green Material

Vinyl siding is also one of the greenest materials you can use on your home exterior. This is mainly due to the way it is manufactured – the byproducts of the manufacturing process are recycled and reprocessed into new material that can then be used again. The process also emits fewer dioxins and requires less fuel for transport due to its light weight.

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Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency with New Siding from Schaefer Siding & Exteriors

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