Put Your Heart into Decorating Your Home Exterior for Valentine’s Day

Who said decorating season runs from Halloween to Christmas? If you’re one who puts his or her heart into dressing up a home for special occasions, then Valentine’s Day is right up your alley. From tinsel to twinkle lights, there’s no shortage of ornaments to adorn your abode with festive flair. So, roll out the ribbon and lay out the lace, because here are several decorating tips certain to make your home the sweetheart of the neighborhood.

Clean It Like You Mean It

Valentine’s Day is all about love, so show your house some with a good cleaning. Washing home exteriors like siding, roofing, and windows protects the material and extend its life, and the clean surfaces will really help your decorations stand out. It also eliminates the worry of passers-by getting a closer look of your lovely decorations, only to notice unsightly black streaks or spots on your home. Most of the decorating will be around the front of your house, so make sure it’s ready for the attention. Sweep the porch and sidewalk, clean the gutter, and check the roof for any loose or missing shingles.

Pretty Up the Porch

As the focal point of the home, the front door is a great place to begin decorating. Dress it up with a heart-shaped floral wreath and wrap the doorknob with pink lace. The porch will look lovely with pink bows tied around porch lights and red and white poms hanging from the ceiling. Stringing red tinsel garland around doorways, windows, and eaves will add a sparkle, while wrapping ribbons and lace around columns and flowerpots will enhance the scene.

Lights of Love

Garland may help your house sparkle, but twinkle lights will let it shine. Whether red, white, pink, or purple, string lights are perfect for highlighting your home by draping around windows and doors or along the roofline, fences, and railings. You’ll especially love the way your stone veneer siding seems to shimmer when enveloped in seasonal lights. Laser projectors and spotlights are other great ways to decorate. From bathing a home in hues of red or pink to displaying holiday hallmarks like cupids, hearts, roses, and messages of love, these lights are ideal for homes with vinyl siding.

Don’t Forget the Flowers

It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without flowers! Roses are popular picks this time of year, so consider planting rose bushes in your garden or climbing roses to wrap around entranceways or the garage door. Most gardens aren’t looking too lively in mid-February, so spruce up yours with new plantings like tulips or lilies. Placing potted plants around the porch will have your home bursting with color, while decorating windows with flower vases offers both beauty and elegance.

At Schaefer Exteriors, we like Valentine’s Day, but we love home exteriors. So if your exterior surfaces need repair, or if you’re celebrating the season by installing siding, replacing windows, or updating a garage door, give us a call. With a home improvement treatment by Schaefer Exteriors, you’ll love your home with all your heart.

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