Perfect Pairs: Which Siding Goes With Which Roof?

The world may never know the answer to the age-old question of whether chocolate goes better with peanut butter or caramel (possible solution: both), but we do know there are some home design details that pair better than others. What siding should you choose to match your older roof? Will a slate roof look better with those gutters or these? Here’s a quick guide to some fun mixes and matches!

Classically Classy

Some things never go out of style. We love the look of a classic shingled roof paired with Smooth Hardie Plank Lap Siding. Plus, the durability and strength of Hardie siding is unmatchable! Another good pairing for a shingled roof is Hardie’s Select Cedarmill Siding, which gives you a soft, natural texture that mimics wood. Choose from a variety of beautiful shades and hues for the perfect look. To see more options for yourself, check out Hardie Plank Lap Siding here.

Pretty as a Penny

What can we say? We adore the bright, attractive shine of copper roofing options. This material opens up the opportunity for some interesting textures and patterns for your home’s roof. Pair it with white or cream vinyl siding and you’re golden (almost literally)! Eye-catching without being gaudy, copper roofing is a strong aesthetic choice for your home.

Rustic and Rare

Combining the classic look of shingles with the rugged appearance of stone creates a beautifully rustic look for your home. This roofing material is especially attractive if your property includes a lot of greenery. For a sleeker look, go with smooth-cut slate tiles. As for siding, slate often goes well with darker colors.

Cedar and Standing Seam

Love the aesthetic of forest cabins or wooden beach homes? Cedar might just be the siding for you. With a beautiful reddish hue and natural texture, cedar siding will transform any home into a picturesque getaway. Just imagine your roof lined with fresh snow in the winter! And speaking of roofs, a standing seam metal design can be the way to go here. With a fun pattern and great durability, metal roofing is a great complement to wooden siding.

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