New Technology Improves Dark Vinyl Siding


Dark siding has become more and more popular in recent years among homeowners looking to break the traditional mold of lighter, neutral siding colors. Dark siding certainly makes your home stand out and is a big boost to your curb appeal. Plus, it doesn’t show dirt and debris as easily as lighter colored siding.

So why is dark siding catching on just now? The short answer is new siding technology is alleviating concerns that many homeowners had in the past when it came to dark siding colors. Specifically, we’re talking about fading and heat retention. For a long time, homeowners avoided dark siding because it was more likely to fade, and it absorbed more heat than light siding. But now, new vinyl siding is better than ever at resisting fading and heat retention. Learn more in our blog!


Dark vinyl siding is better than ever with new technology.


New Technology Improves Dark Vinyl Siding


Heat Retention


It’s no secret that darker colors get hotter than lighter colors. In the past, the problem this caused for dark siding was a higher risk of product failure.

But now, manufacturers are using proprietary technology to reduce the amount of heat that dark siding absorbs. Some manufacturers are even including protection against distortion from heat in their warranties. The result is that vinyl siding performs better in heat, which makes dark colors more viable. Plus, because the siding absorbs less heat in the first place, less heat is then transferred into the home, which reduces the amount of energy needed to cool the home.



Fading was another problem that was once common with dark vinyl siding. Here too, new technology is stepping in to solve a problem that used to dissuade homeowners from using dark colors.

When you’re shopping for vinyl siding, the manufacturer will provide its measurement of color change over time using a scale of 0-5 in what are known as Hunter units. The lower the number, the less color change the siding will experience over time. So make sure to keep an eye out for this number, as well as any proprietary fade-resistant technology the manufacturer uses to reduce the impact of UV rays on the siding’s color.

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