Natural Stone Vs. Cast Stone Veneer

While you may not recognize the terms, you should be able to tell the difference between a natural stone veneer and a cast stone finish.  To help you determine your preference on more than looks alone, we’re going to share some of what we’ve learned over 30 years in the home exterior business.  Although stone veneer wasn’t nearly as popular, or as varied, when we first started, watching it develop from an insider’s perspective has given us a better idea of what goes into creating these beautiful configurations.  Whether you want to enhance your home, garden, garage, etc. consider your options for stone veneer today.

Natural Stone

As its name would imply, natural stone veneer involves patterns made from thinly-sliced cuts of actual stone.  Using precision techniques that weren’t available when we started in this business, we can now find natural stone options that mimic a variety of finishes at a fraction of the price of traditional stone.  Because we’re using a thin veneer, rather than giant slabs of stone, we can incorporate this design element much more easily.  We don’t have to create special plans to support the additional weight of natural stone, or deal with the labor associated with moving it.

Still, you can find a number of styles available.  Including ones that integrate types of rock native to your area.  Not only should this cut down on costs, but it’ll also help your home exterior blend naturally with the surrounding landscape.  Between classic, cubic, stacked, mosaic, mineral-rich, earthy, and streaked natural stone veneer.  You’re sure to find something you like!

Cast Stone

Rather than fitting together small pieces of stone, a cast veneer uses molds to create convincing finishes and patterns at a fraction of the price.  Not only are they less expensive, but they’re also lighter. Again, today’s technologies are able to produce amazing replicas without being restricted by what’s available locally. Choose whether you want your cast stone veneer to appear rugged, rounded, chiseled, rough-cut, or even impressionistic.  They have options that mimic the worn look of river rocks or classic ashlar. 

Some people criticize cast stone as “too repetitive” or “fake,” but it’s all about how you install it! Fortunately, when you work with Schaefer Exteriors, you’re getting experienced installers who will make sure your stone veneer is secure, as well as authentic in appearance.  We partner with some of the best names in the business, so you can have quality products that add depth and value to your home—without overpaying.  If you’re still undecided on whether to go with natural stone or cast stone veneer, contact our helpful staff.  They’re review all of your options and even show you samples in person!  It’s all a part of our commitment to getting the job done right. 

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