Matching Existing Siding Step by Step

If you like your home the way it is, we can’t say we blame you!  Curb appeal and low maintenance are two key factors that attract buyers (and preserve your resale value.)  However, if you’ve lived there for a while, it’s inevitable that things will start to wear—especially on your exterior.  Fortunately, we can help you match and replace that siding you love, without making any drastic changes.  Here’s how:


1. Taking a sample.


Without any original information regarding your current siding (i.e. the manufacturer, color name, etc.), it can be difficult to duplicate exactly.  If we’re able to take a piece of your current exterior though, our experienced staff can match it against options we have available to us for a close comparison.  We use a wide variety of vendors to offer a range of materials and tones, so if you’re redoing the entire house, we might even be able to upgrade your look a bit. If you’re just trying to do a portion of the house, though, for a repair, then we’ll want to send it out to a partner company who has more precise methods to utilize.


2. Having it testing.


While this isn’t a service we provide, we can ship the sample we’ve taken to a company who specializes in this technique.  Though they charge a small fee, it’s worth it to many people who either want to maintain the look of their present exterior, or to those trying to maintain compliance with an HOA.  Record keeping varies between Home Owners’ Associations, so you can’t always assume they’ll have the details on the original siding.  That doesn’t mean you’ll be allowed to deviate from the look of the neighborhood, so having a test performed can save you some hassle and provide peace of mind in the long run.  Just check out this review from Mary in Annapolis from about a year ago:

“[Schaefer was] the only siding company representative to offer me the option of having my current siding tested (for a fee) to enable the best match possible for the job: my community HOA had no record of the siding’s manufacturer, model, and color. Thanks to Melissa’s guidance and assistance (she had a piece of my siding sent for analysis) we found a ‘best match for the job.’ This siding match was extremely important to me as a homeowner because having a matched replacement siding helps maintain a home’s value.”


3. Getting new siding.


Once you know all of your options, then you can make the best-informed decision for your home!  Whether you decide to go with the match or not, our experienced and customer-service-oriented staff will make sure you get the exterior you want.  We can answer questions about different materials, durability, popular color choices, and more!  We can even quote multiple options to find the one that fits best with your budget.  So, when you start to notice wear-and-tear on the outside of your home, give us a call! We provide free estimates on full siding replacements, along with gutter and roofing updates.



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