Knowing How Often Your House Should Be Repainted

Sometimes it’s not as easy as noticing your siding doesn’t look quite as sleek as it used to. The number of years you can go before repainting your home’s exterior depends on several key factors, and sometimes the problems you’re noticing can be solved without a long paint job. Read on to find out more.

Material Matters…and So Does Climate

The type of siding that has to be repainted the most often– every three to five years or so– is wood, but most other types can go a considerably long period without touch-ups. Insulated vinyl and Hardie Plank, for example, can last as long as twenty years with proper upkeep. Hardie Fiber Cement Siding even includes a pre-painted option specifically built to withstand difficult climates. Stone veneer, of course, is usually not painted at all.

In the end, the frequency with which siding should be repainted mainly depends on the weather and general climate in your region. Consistent strong sunlight and a tendency towards rough weather will likely result in greater home maintenance needs. Luckily, companies like James Hardie work to develop solutions to this exact problem! Long story short, check with the manufacturer or contractor you’re working with for advice on your specific siding material and region.

Is New Paint the Right Choice?

If it’s only been a few years since you last painted your siding and you’re still happy with the color…maybe not. Sometimes a good power wash is all your home’s exterior needs to look good as new! You should definitely be having your siding cleaned much more often than you have it painted, especially if your siding is made to last. Sometimes the exterior might look a little off-color because of a determined layer of grit and grime from the elements, or mildew might’ve begun its inevitable journey up the wall. Chances are, after a good power wash, you’ll see that your siding has a few more good years in it yet!

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