How to Clean Vinyl Siding


With the spring finally here, many homeowners are looking to take on some of those outdoor home maintenance projects that are once again doable with the warmer weather. One great spring cleaning project you can take on this year is cleaning your vinyl siding. Siding can accumulate dirt and debris over the winter, as well as mold and mildew that can dull your siding. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to give your vinyl siding a nice cleaning and remove any debris that has built up. Learn everything you need to know about cleaning your vinyl siding in our blog.


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How to Clean Vinyl Siding

Washing Vinyl Siding


Use either a soft-cloth or a long-handled brush with soft bristles. If your siding is textured, the soft brush is ideal because the bristles will get into the grooves in the texture to remove any dirt there.

Each manufacturer notes what cleaners are allowed for their siding. You must read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions in order to maintain the warranty. Never use a cleaner that contains organic solvents, undiluted chlorine, bleach, liquid grease remover, nail polish remover, or furniture polish/cleaners, because they can harm the siding.

Work your way from the bottom up, and make sure to rinse off the cleaning solution before it dries. Use a tarp to cover any brick face where water/soap runoff could reach.

Using a Power Washer


The manufacturer will most likely have specific instructions concerning the use of a power washer on your vinyl siding. Some manufacturers advise against power washers completely, while others may advise they be used with limits on the pressure and cleaners used. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions so you don’t void your warranty.

When using a power washer, hold it at eye level and aim at a direct angle at the siding. Aiming the power washer at an up angle is not advisable because this can drive water behind the siding, where it could potentially cause water damage. Use extreme caution when using a power washer close to windows, doors, or any areas where electrical wires or plumbing enters the home.

Again, when cleaning your siding, make sure to read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions so as not to void the warranty.

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