What Does Haag Certified Mean?


You want to look for a roofing and siding professional that is haag certified.

One of the terms you might hear when choosing a contractor or professional to work on your home is Haag certified. While most homeowners stop at that and assume that any certification is a good thing (which it is!), others want to understand exactly what that Haag certification represents. What does Haag Certified mean for you?

An Additional Layer of Protection


While building materials will always decay over time thanks to wear and tear, other factors can accelerate the natural aging process. Some of these extraneous factors can include manufacturing difficulties, design problems during installation, and natural disasters. While all three of those things are completely different, they can look very similar on the surface to an untrained eye. Haag certification is given to those who complete rigorous training to develop a trained eye.

Haag Certification


The Haag certification can be earned by adjusters, estimators, home inspectors, contractors, consultants, and other roofing industry professionals. Students must complete a variety of pre-requisites to be accepted into the certification program. Once they are accepted, they undergo three days of intensive training by existing Haag Certified Engineers. Those teaching the course have a whopping 300 years of combined experience and are recognized industry leaders.


At the end of the course, all students are required to complete a comprehensive exam that assesses their knowledge of advanced damage assessment techniques and philosophies. This final exam will earn them their designation as a Haag Certified Inspector. Students who are certified must then annually re-test to prove that they have maintained their knowledge.

Why Haag Certification?


Haag Certification is different from other certifications because of its strict knowledge and quality requirements. It is only given to experts in the roofing business, and the program was designed by a civil engineer who sought to understand why certain structures were not properly working. The Haag certification process developed out of the engineer’s company and is now the gold standard in the roofing business.

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