A Guide to the Different Vinyl Siding Styles Available

Vinyl Siding Styles

Different vinyl siding styles can lead to different looks for your home exterior.

Vinyl siding has been the most popular home exterior materials ever since it was introduced in the late 50’s. Much has been made about the durability of the material and how it contributes positively to the environment. However, let’s also take note of the various aesthetic styles available for vinyl siding. The style of siding you choose can dramatically alter the appearance of your home, so if you’re looking for a particular look for your home exterior, chances are that vinyl siding is your best bet! Here is a short, introductory guide to the different vinyl siding styles available for your home.


Before vinyl siding was introduced to the industry, clapboard siding was made by taking wooden boards and splitting them into thin strips. This material was then installed on the side of a home to protect it from the elements – it also overlapped, allowing the wood to expand and contract naturally. Vinyl siding can also be arranged in this style for those who want a clean, traditional aesthetic, with single, double, and triple-row styles available.

Dutch Lap

Dutch lap vinyl siding is perfect for those who want their home to have the grace of a traditional American Colonial look. Dutch lap and clapboard are similar, but the main difference is the beveled edge of Dutch lap siding, creating a shadowed edge. This gives the siding the appearance of being hand-carved.


For those who are searching for the look of a Southern Colonial home, beaded vinyl siding is the style for you. Beaded siding is usually made with a slight wood-grain texture combined with a low gloss finish to emulate the look of the hand-made beaded siding that was popular in the South.

Board and Batten

In the old days, board and batten siding was created by combining wide vertical pieces with narrow wooden battens installed on the seams. Nowadays, vinyl siding in the board and batten style fuses these two components together in the manufacturing process, which gives it a more uniform look.

Replica Shakes

Manufacturing techniques have advanced to the point that vinyl shakes can look nearly identical to natural wood, with the same texture and depth of wood grains. This style is ideal for those who want a rich, luxurious look for their home exterior, yet want to enjoy the many advantages of vinyl siding.

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