Don’t Let Snow Sit Next to Your Siding

vinyl siding

All that snow can lead to moisture under your siding if it isn’t dealt with.

As soon as the first big snow event of the season hits everyone runs for the shovels and the salt to clear their driveways and walkways, and to dig out their cars. Having a safe place to park is great, but one place all that shoveling might better serve is a little closer to your home. Anywhere snow piles up and sits next to your home could cause problems for your siding if not taken care of. Be careful, though. Shovels can do real damage to your siding if you aren’t careful. 

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is designed to allow water to run off towards the ground while allowing enough airflow to get underneath the siding to keep it dry. Since snow, unlike rain, can pile up next to your house moisture is able to get underneath your siding and sit. This moisture can cause dangerous rot if allowed to sit for too long and doesn’t dry out.

Wood Siding

Wood and moisture are obvious enemies. If your wood siding is newer or you’ve taken good care of it over the years you won’t have much to worry about. But, if you’ve inherited older, possibly neglected wood siding from a previous owner it’s vital to do an inspection before the first heavy snow of the season. Wood siding that isn’t sealed properly or is damaged, buckling or cracked for example, can allow harmful moisture to penetrate the siding and cause the wood to rot.

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