Build a Color Palette with James Hardie

color palette with james hardie

If you’re looking for a “try it before you buy it” tool to test different color palettes for your home, look no further.

Next to style and material, color is one of the biggest questions you have to consider when having new siding installed. Unless you’re content with a single color for the entirety of your home, you’ll need to look around at a few different colors and combinations. This can be hard enough on its own, but without a visual aid it can be near impossible. Thankfully, James Hardie has a powerful and intuitive tool you can use to find the perfect colors for your home.

Main Siding Color

The first step is to choose a main siding color. Since this is the part of the house that has the most square footage, it will be the most prominent color in your palette. The rest of the colors for your whole house will play off of this, so take your time and pick something you really like and remember, this is a tool for helping you find something you like. Play around and get creative!

Pick Your Home Style

Next, pick your home style from the list. If you don’t see the exact style of your home, just pick the closest. This step helps you see the colors on a home that looks like yours, instead of trying to imagine how these different colors would go together.


Now you get to play around with different accent colors. You can look through the curated palettes that offer colors hand picked to go with your main siding color, or you can design your own custom palette. Choose an accent color, a trim color, and even switch up your main siding color if you want to check out something different. You can even pick different colors for the door, windows, roof and shutters.

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