Boost Your Curb Appeal with Stone Veneer

Make your home stand out with stone veneer! This type of siding adds instant curb appeal in any neighborhood, at a fraction of the cost of real stone. You don’t have to go overboard with it, either. If you’re not comfortable wrapping your entire façade with this material, we can help you place it strategically throughout your home’s exterior. Why not try…

Wrapping an Exposed Foundation

Whether you have an older home or a structure that’s fairly new, stone veneer can be used to cover the foundation. Focus on what’s above grade to give it that rustic look of a building based in stone architecture. You can customize the appearance completely as far as height and finish go. Just be sure to ask us about our options, including those that look like limestone, slate, quartz, brick, and more!

Apart from the aesthetics, this decision is also smart from a structural standpoint. When installed correctly, stone veneer reinforces your foundation, while acting as an additional barrier against the elements. If it’s not installed properly, however, you’ll encounter all sorts of problems down the road. So, trust your home’s exterior to the experts at Schaefer Exteriors.

Decorating Pillars and Beams

Tying structural columns into the natural design of your home isn’t as easy as it sounds. Rather than keeping them completely functional, you can improve their aesthetic with stone veneer! By wrapping pillar, beams, columns, etc. in the stone of your choice, you can instantly transform your property into a rustic chalet or a midcentury modern masterpiece. It all depends on that look you want to create and the materials we use. We recommend carrying the same finish elsewhere throughout your home’s exterior, just to keep everything cohesive. Let our designers show you what your curb appeal could become!

Improving your Landscape 

Stone veneer is surprisingly durable—which makes it the perfect material to weave within your landscaping. Have you thought about building a retaining wall or a new patio? Either way, utilizing the same stone finish from your home’s exterior to your hardscapes will create a unified look that instantly enhances your curb appeal! We’re all about projects that combine form and function, while allowing the beauty of stone to shine through. With your lush landscape as the perfect backdrop, the right stone touches will create a classic layout that begs visitors to sit and relax.

If you haven’t thought about stone veneer before, you don’t know what you’re missing! Take it from the home exterior experts, this material is a great investment. Not only do projects that incorporate it tend to recoup a majority of their upfront costs, but also, they can drastically improve your curb appeal. Whether you want to use a little, or a lot, we can help you enhance your home. Contact our service team today for more information!

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