Benefits of Accenting Your Home with Stone Veneer

Stone veneer has been in the spotlight for home design for several years now, and it’s for a good reason. There are many benefits to upgrading that you’ll be able to take advantage of right away! Why should you consider accenting your home with stone in 2021?

What is Stone Veneer?

It is comprised of actual stone and other materials that are shaped and molded to resemble natural stone. The material can be used to boost the aesthetic anywhere inside or outside of the home, but we most often see homeowners install it on their siding, entryways and throughout the home’s interior as a natural-looking accent.

Benefits of Accessorizing Your Home with Stone


This is the perfect solution for those looking to upgrade their siding to a more durable option. Vinyl siding holds up decently over time, but it can truly last for the full lifetime of your home. It also holds up against extreme weather conditions well, which is one of the potential pitfalls of choosing vinyl siding.


 Stone veneer is more costly than vinyl siding, but it is much cheaper than 100% natural stone. If you are looking for a way to transform the exterior of your home on a limited budget, stone veneer may just be the material that allows you to do it. Unlike natural stone, a veneer is also relatively lightweight, meaning you can even choose to install it on low-weight bearing interior walls.

Curb Appeal

The added texture and color that stone veneer brings is sure to boost any home’s curb appeal. The elegance that exterior accenting provides can make your home stand out when the time comes to sell. Until then, you’ll be able to fully enjoy the tasteful incorporation of natural elements to your home.

Install Your Stone Veneer with Schaefer Exteriors

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