Have You Heard about CertainTeed?

After 35 years in the business, we know a little something about home exteriors.  Siding, in particular, is all about quality.  Which is why we partner with some of the best companies in the business to give you the products you deserve!  One of our top suppliers in recent years has become CertainTeed.  Not only do they meet our high standards for vinyl siding, but they’re also working to provide green solutions for today’s homeowners.  Here are just a few more reasons why we’ve chosen to work with them—and we think you will too.

All the Options

CertainTeed has a wide variety of styles and color palettes for our customers to choose from!  They specialize in a composite siding that blends real cedar for a rustic finish—without all the maintenance.  We can help you install horizontal siding, vertical siding, even shake and shingle or Stonefacade!  They also supply soffit, trim, and wraps, so we can get everything we need from one source.  To help you visualize the finished product, they offer digital design tools.  So, as we’re creating a plan for your next exterior makeover, we can see what the different colors will look like together. Not just in samples, but in digital recreations!  It certainly makes that part of the job a lot easier than it was 35 years ago.

Better Energy Efficiency

One of the CertainTeed products we often recommend is their insulated siding.  This thicker variety provides insulation for heating and cooling, as well as noise.  Especially when paired with a properly installed house wrap, this combination can save you money on your utility bills every month!  You can enjoy a quieter environment inside, even as your energy efficiency increases.  Plus, it’s been proven to increase resale value across the board.  According to the most recent statistics, nearly 80% of homeowners who choose this option see a full return on their investment.  For a home improvement project, that’s pretty impressive!

A Goal of Greater Sustainability

Apart from reducing energy usage, CertainTeed is committed to going green in other ways.  A minimum of 60% of their materials come from recycled products, earning them the status of an Environmentally Preferred Product. Their siding also has a lower environmental impact than many of their competitors thanks to low maintenance requirements.  Since you need to use less chemicals to clean and preserve their siding over time, you’re contributing to this movement, too!  Choosing CertainTeed is an easy way to start going green in your home.


At Schaefer Exteriors, we would never recommend a product we wouldn’t use in our own homes.  So, when we install CertainTeed siding, it’s with the confidence that we’re providing a quality material to suit the needs of our clients.  As a locally owned-and-operated business in the Maryland, we believe in building trust and doing what’s best for our clients.  Whether you’re in central Maryland, the Eastern Shore, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, or West Virginia, call us for all your home exterior needs.

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