4 Tips for Keeping Your Vinyl Siding Looking Great

One of the many benefits of vinyl siding is that it’s one of the lowest-maintenance siding materials available. Still, there are a few things you should do in order to keep your vinyl siding looking great. Learn how to take care of your vinyl siding in our blog!



Vinyl siding looks great!


4 Tips for Keeping Your Vinyl Siding Looking Great


Clean It


Try to clean your vinyl siding once a year. Letting dirt and grime accumulate on your vinyl siding will dull it over time. Fortunately, cleaning your vinyl siding is a fairly simple process. Read our blog on how to clean vinyl siding for more information.

Don’t Store Heavy Things Near It


Avoid storing heavy objects like a snowblower or lawnmower near vinyl siding. Vinyl won’t dent, but it will crack if enough force is applied. This is especially true during the cold months of the year, when vinyl siding becomes more brittle.

Keep the Grill Away


Now that warmer weather is on its way, homeowners are going back outside to fire up the grill. If you’re grilling, make sure the grill is not close to your home’s siding. The heat from a gas or charcoal grill can melt vinyl. Melted vinyl can’t be repaired, so you’ll have to replace it. So, make sure to keep the grill far away from the siding of your home.

Inspect it Regularly


Make sure you’re inspecting your vinyl siding on a regular basis. Damaged siding can allow moisture to get in behind the wall and potentially cause water damage. It’s important to inspect siding after storms or windy days when the wind can blow branches into the siding and blow off siding panels. Also, look for unusual streaks or stains on the vinyl or the exposed foundation below the siding, which are another sign of potential water damage.


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