3 Tips for Protecting Your Home from Destructive Pests

If there’s one thing that bugs most homeowners this time of year, it’s the increased insect activity around their homes. Ants, bees, beetles, mosquitos and other creepy crawlers can wreck a backyard barbecue, but even worse, many species can wreak thousands of dollars of damage to outdoor features and living spaces. Fortunately, there are many ways to reduce insect populations and prevent them from harming your property.

Seal Holes and Cracks

Each spring, homeowners step outside to find new cracks, gaps, and holes around the house. The damage results from the constantly changing thermal cycle and is especially significant in older structures or those that haven’t been properly sealed and protected. And while those cracks may seem insignificant, they’re plenty large enough to invite insects and rodents into the home. Mice can enter through a dime-sized hole, while cracks no thicker than a credit card provide ample space for even large insects. In most cases, however, these openings easily can be sealed using spray foam or caulking. Some potential problems you’ll want to look for include cracks in the foundation; small holes, cracks, or rotten areas in decks and other wood structures; missing or damaged shingles; gaps around pipes, cables, or wires entering the house; and even loose or damaged vinyl siding. Homeowners love siding for its durable nature, but if old age or improper installation causes it to loosen or form cracks, it becomes a favorite nesting spot for many types of insects. If you find that you need vinyl siding replacement or repair, don’t bug out. Instead, call Schaefer Exteriors and we’ll send one of our highly skilled installation teams to fix you up.

Make the Yard Less Hospitable

If you have standing water on your property, it’s an open invitation for insects to breed. Filling in sunken parts of the lawn, keeping gutters free of debris, and frequently replacing bird bath water will prevent mosquitos and other unwanted invaders from laying eggs. Bugs also like shaded areas, so keep the lawn trimmed and remove brush and wood piles, especially those located near the house or outdoor living spaces.

Upgrade Windows

Windows are some of the easiest entry points for insects, especially when old frames become warped or damaged. If you’re feeling a draft coming from a window, then there’s more than enough space for bugs to make their way into your home. Sometimes replacing the weatherstripping or repairing a torn screen will do the trick, but for optimal protection we recommend making the switch to replacement windows.

High-quality vinyl replacement windows offer multiple panes of protection, which means no more insect intrusions, water leaks, or heated/cooled air escaping outside. At Schaefer Exteriors, we carry the finest Simonton windows that offer maximum protection with minimum expense. If you’re interested in purchasing beautiful new windows that will make your home look years younger, give us a call. Our window installation experts are ready to serve you.

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