3 Reasons to Get Insulated Vinyl Siding Before Winter Arrives

insulated vinyl siding

There’s still time to have insulated vinyl siding installed before the winter weather truly arrives.

With the worst of winter, and the holidays, speeding towards us, you might be wondering how your home will hold up. With your windows and garage door all ready to go, you can’t overlook the biggest factor in your home’s energy efficiency. If your siding is ready for an upgrade, go big and have insulated vinyl siding before winter arrives.

  1. Reduced Thermal Bridging

Thermal bridging is when one area of an object, in this case your home’s exterior, has a much higher heat transfer rate than the surrounding materials. Insulated siding plugs gaps in the insulation material and reduces thermal bridging, making your home more energy efficient and warmer.

  1. Better Impact Resistance

Insulated vinyl siding gives your home better protection from impacts because it is thicker than traditional vinyl siding, giving it a better cushion. Since insulated vinyl siding has a foam back, the insulation, it help the siding lay flatter against your home and keeps it from warping. The thicker siding also works as soundproofing, making your home quieter and more comfortable.

  1. CertainTeed CedarBoards

CedarBoards insulated siding is made to mimic the look of real wood while keeping your home nice and toasty. A huge selection of colors gives you plenty of options to find the right palette for your home, and CertainTeed’s renovation tools let you see the idea before it becomes reality.

Let Schaefer Siding and Exteriors Install Your New Windows

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