Your Guide to Choosing a Roofing Material in 2021

Purchasing a new roof is a significant investment, so you’ll want to make sure you choose the right material that you’ll be happy with for well over a decade. There are a lot of materials to choose from, however! In this blog, we outline the best characteristics of four of the most common residential roofing materials.


There is a reason why over 75% of US homes have asphalt shingles. This roofing option is one of the cheapest while also remaining incredibly versatile and surprisingly durable.  While not as durable as slate or metal options, a shingle roof can still last about 15-20 years and stay algae-resistant throughout that time.


Composite shingles are typically made of a mixture of several commonly used roofing materials like fiberglass, recycled paper products and asphalt. If you like the aesthetic of asphalt shingles but would prefer something a little more durable, composite roofing will likely be the best choice for your needs. These roofs can last up to around 50 years with expert installation!


Any roof made of metal is generally expected to stand the test of time, and copper roofing is no different. You can expect your copper roof to last at least 60 years, with only routine maintenance needed throughout that time. As you might expect, this makes copper one of the more costly roof options, but that cost is easily justified with the longevity and beautiful aesthetic that the material provides.


Do you want a long-lasting roof that doesn’t have a metal aesthetic? Slate will likely be the best choice for you. Slate roofs can legitimately last longer than our lifetimes! As you might expect, this places it among the most expensive roofing options. Even still, the appearance and durability of slate roofs simply cannot be matched.

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