Should You Worry About Snow Damaging Your Roof?

Snow Roof Damage

How much should you worry about snow damaging your roof? Find out below!

The first snow of the season has appeared in Maryland! Is your roof prepared adequately? Many homeowners stress about the possible damage that snow could wreak on their home’s roofing, especially when a major storm event occurs in another part of the country and the damage is broadcast on TV. Should you worry about snow damaging your roof?

Roof Collapse

First, it’s worth pointing out that a total roof collapse is extremely unlikely during 99% of snow events. Local building codes regulate the amount of weight that a roof must be able to bear, and these codes are drawn up based on the amount snowfall the local area tends to receive from year to year. So roofing regulations are more stringent for Maryland than they would be for a place such as Florida, though perhaps not as strict as somewhere like Buffalo. Of course, the odd heavy snow event may bring cause for concern, but the real danger for damage lies elsewhere.

Ice Damage

Roof damage due to ice is a more pressing concern for homeowners than the threat of roof collapse since it can happen during any snow event. Ice dams can cause serious damage to roofing if it is not properly prepared ahead of time. When gutters are not cleaned, the dams can even form there as well. As the ice dams melt, the water can penetrate the shingles and roofing tile, weakening the sheathing as time goes on and shortening the life of your roof.

Have Your Roof Inspected

To the naked eye, your roof may appear in perfect working condition, but problems tend to start in less obvious areas. The only way to ensure that your roof is ready to survive many winters to come is by having an annual inspection. Specially trained professionals have the skills and experience necessary to recognize the signs of roof degradation and can stop these problems from becoming fatal to your roof this winter.

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