Winter Rooftop Troubles

Ice, snow, freezing rain, and sleet are all headed our way for the colder months. These weather effects will pound on your rooftop all season long, and it can really start to damage your roof’s structure and surface if undealt with. Today, we will discuss several roofing issues to watch for this winter to prevent damage.


Weighed down


Ice and snow are slippery, hard-packed, and stick to every surface they land on in colder times. Your roof shelters you from these substances coming down on your head, but as such it takes the full brunt of the weather. As the snow and ice continue to fall, they will build up and begin to create extra weight. A roof is meant to withstand a fair amount of abuse, but given enough weight, the surface or even structure can begin to fail. When snow and ice build up, it is best to safely remove it to prevent excess weight and strain on its integrity.


Weighed down: outside sources


Just as ice and snow will build up upon a rooftop, it will also begin to form on tree branches. Tree branches can pose a threat year-round to your roof’s condition. But in the wintertime, the added weight and brittleness can increase the chance of their falling or breaking on your roof. This causes surface damage and in severe cases structural damage to your roof. Even if your roof is clean and free of wintry mix, make sure your roof isn’t under threat of a branch or tree falling onto it.




When ice and snow slide off your roof, where does it go? Much of it will stop in your gutters, and as it melts it will form “ice dams” preventing drainage. This can cause undue strain on your gutters and ultimately their collapse and breakage. Just as you need to tend to the build-up of leaves in the fall, you need to deal with the overflow of snow and ice that will occur in your gutters.


Here at Schaefer’s we know it can be difficult to maintain a home, especially in winter. If you need a professional fix or more advice on roofing issues to watch for this winter, we would be more than happy to provide you with good service and expert advice.