Tips to Help Prevent Ice Dams from Forming on Your Roof

Ice Dams

Preventing ice dams this winter is critical to the health of your roof.

The formation of ice dams is a serious problem for Maryland homeowners during the winter. When your home isn’t properly prepared, these ice dams can cause major damage to your roofing and lead to costly repairs or even a full-scale replacement of your roof. Understanding how ice dams form and how to prevent them will go a long way to making sure your home is protected all winter long. Here are some tips to help you prevent them.

Preparing Your Attic

Ice dams form when the warm air in your attic escapes to the outside. This causes snow at the base of your roof to melt, which then refreezes as it reaches the colder edges of the roof. Therefore, it’s imperative for homeowners to make sure their attics are ready for winter. Keeping the temperature of the attic at 32 degrees or below is ideal, but you should take some additional steps as well.

  • Make sure the attic is properly insulated. This helps prevent the warm air inside your home from escaping to the outdoors. For best results, use material with an insulation value of R-40 or higher.
  • Examine your attic for any signs of air leaks or openings where air could potentially leak to the outside world. Also, inspect any stripping and caulking, and reapply if necessary.
  • You may want to consider making improvements to your attic ventilation if ice dams are a constant problem.

Clean Your Gutters

Clean gutters are important for preventing the formation of ice dams by giving melted snow a clear path to flow away from the roof. While gutter cleaning is nobody’s favorite outdoor chore, gutter guards can help keep them clean year-round, so consider having these installed next spring to protect your roof.

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