Six Roofing Styles to Get You Inspired

Welcome to the inspiration station! Whether you’re planning for a remodel or just dreaming of a brand new home, here are five fun roofing styles to get you inspired.

Peaked Roof

Cute and classy, a peaked roof is a great option, especially if your home has varying widths as seen in the picture. This also makes for a cozy attic space if you choose, with great opportunities for skylights! Better yet, channel the fairy tale look with stone veneer or cedar siding.

Dormers Included

Want your home to look a little larger than it may be? Dormer windows set into your roof are a great touch. These add volume to your home and make for a more interesting silhouette. Combine the dormers with a peaked roof and you’ve got some appealing symmetry!

Double Down

The word is out that layers are in! Create a tiered look with one roofing section, usually peaked, set a couple feet below the next. This is great for multi-story homes with connecting garages. Plus, imagine the opportunities for string lights when the holidays roll around again!

The Mix-and-Max Approach

Got a lot going on? From gentle slopes to peaked dormer windows, a roof like this will never bore the eye. Imagine deep blue shingles flowing across peaks and troughs giving way to the sky beyond.

Solar Power

Go green and go chic in one fell swoop! Many homeowners worry that adding solar panels to their roof will ruin its aesthetic, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. With the right roof, you might find that your home looks even better. Regardless, there’s no substitute for an energy efficient solution!

Extra Space

This roof has got to be one of the coolest. With a cozy little nook up top, homeowners will have a lovely extra bit of space to use as they please. This example includes picture windows, providing the perfect spot for a reading nook or study space. What could be better?

Dreaming of a Remodel?

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